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I’ve been playing sports video games since the mid ’80s and have a huge collection of retro consoles and sports titles (with plenty of other games also ;) ).  I’m really excited to share retro sports game reviews, collecting experiences, conversations with other retro gamers and retro replay diaries with you.  I’m also very interested in the evolution of sports games and how they are delivered to the consumer.  Download-only titles and iOS games are a new wave in the shadow of the colossal franchises that release a game every year.  There are plenty of sites to provide game play video and reviews of the newest Madden or FIFA.  I’m interested in exploring and sharing how we got to where we are today and what the future holds as well.  The Retro Sports Gamer World mission statement is really summed up here.

You can follow me on twitter , or email me at

Retro Sports Gamer World has its own page with tons of pictures and screenshots.

I contribute to a number of sites like ,  and .  I’m also an active member on the (as retrosportsgamer).

You do not need to worry about another login and password to remember with Retro Sports Gamer World.  To comment on an article only requires a name and email address.  Please jump in and share your opinion and experiences!  You can also subscribe to the blog so you’ll be notified whenever new material is posted.

Thanks again for stopping by!

- Brad (Retrosportsgamer)

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