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With the technology we have today, the natural progression of bowling video games has been to use motion controls. Wii Sports first enabled gamers (and non-gamers) to imagine they were at an actual bowling alley as they held their controller close to their chest before twisting their wrist as they completed their simulated motion of rolling a bowling ball. Before we had to worry about inadvertently smacking our pets while following through with a controller strapped to our wrist, bowling games relied solely on positioning, timing and physics. While there have been bowling games attempted on home consoles going back to the Atari 2600 (the aptly named Bowling – a game I remember fondly), SNK’s League Bowling was one of the first arcade games to be centered exclusively on the recreational activity (or sport; at least it uses a ball). Available outside of the original 1991 Neo•Geo MVS or AES carts with a NeoGeo Station release on the PlayStation 3, League Bowling ignores the 21-year handicap to titles of today and delivers a simple, but engaging arcade experience.

iOS Mini-Review: Double Dribble Fast Break

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From the company that brought you basketball abominations like NBA 2Night and NBA Starting Five, it’s an iOS game that is worse than the original classic for which the game is named after.  That’s right, the 25 year-old 1987 NES classic, Double Dribble, is significantly better than the unfinished crap Konami peddled here in Double Dribble Fast Break ($0.99 – iPhone app store).  When you look at the game in the app store, it shows the familiar screenshots of the red vs. green teams and those classic zoomed-in shots with guys bouncing dunks off the back rim.  This is initially exciting as who wouldn’t want that retro classic on their iOS device?

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Off the heels of releasing as a download-only title, EA Sports has dusted off another former Midway license and brought back the original NFL arcade masterpiece, .  An arcade hit in the late ‘90s, the series spawned console releases for six straight years before sequel fatigue led to poor sales and an eventual cancellation.  No stranger themselves to arcade football titles like the NFL Street series and a Madden Arcade download-only game, could EA resurrect the NFL Blitz franchise to its previous glory?

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